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Hello; I am housesitting for a customer of yours while she is on vacation, and her shipment of fly predator eggs arrived earlier than she was expecting. She does not want the eggs/pupae to hatch/emerge while she is gone, so what is the best way to keep them from doing so? Will they survive being refrigerated or should I simply keep them in a cool dark place such as her pantry or a drawer?

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  • Hello Airenn,

    Please keep them in a cool location near an air conditioning register.  It does not have to necessarily have to be a dark location just as cool as possible. This will help to slow the emergence down.  

    If they start to emerge before she returns just keep track of when you first noticed a few in the bag.  They are okay in bag for 5 days after emergence starts.

    If she has concerns about the shipment have her give us a call when she return home @ 1.888.880.1579.

    Thank you,

    Sonny G

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