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Is the active ingredient safe for honeybees who might come to drink from my pond or trough treated with Mosquito Torpedo?  Since bees would be an adult already, and this is an IGR, maybe no problem for them, but if they carry it back to the hive to feed their larvae, it could stunt them and be serious for the colony?  

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  • Melissa,

    Unfortunately, I cannot come up with a definitive answer to your question.  Topical studies of methoprene show very little toxicity to bees, so with the dilution of it in water and degradation of it that would occur while being carried from source to hive, I doubt it would be detrimental to honey bee larvae.  Searching through the peer reviewed journal information, I have not been able to find any studies that look at the effect of s-methoprene treated water on honey bee larvae.  The closest I can find is this evaluation from New Zealand, and the most it says is that if applied directly topically to adult bees it will increase sucrose responsiveness.  Again, this would mean that diluted in water, as mosquito torpedoes are intended, I do not believe it would be harmful to bees in any life stage.

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  • Jessica,

    I spoke with one of the top bee experts at University of Minnesota, and she confirmed that s-methoprene in Mosquito Toroedoes is safe for bees.

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