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Are mosquito torpedos safe for Koi fish?

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We have customers ask us all the time if we had anything for mosquitoes and finally the answer is YES. The product is the PreStrike® Mosquito Torpedo® which is a little fish shaped tablet you put in all locations with standing water.
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Are mosquito torpedos safe for Koi fish?

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We have a fish pond in our backyard. Last year the mosquitos weren't too bad but this year is horrible! I know on the mosquito torpedo page it said it is safe for fish, but I wanted to double check that it is safe specifically for koi. If I kill any of my husbands fish he will be so mad! ;)

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Draper, UT 

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  • DeeAnna,

    When checking the MSDS (material safety data sheet), the only 2 species of fish listed as having any ill effects were rainbow trout and bluegill.  Koi nor any other carp species are listed as having ill effects.  We have never had a customer report that the Mosquito Torpedos hurt their fish, and looking through reviews from sites specializing in fish ponds, I could not find any mentioning problems with their fish.  I also found no scientific research mentioning problems with koi or other carp species.  Based on that, I would say the Mosquito Torpedoes should be safe for Koi.

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