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Our small animal control which is just an outside kennel run building asks what could they use for fly and mosquito control

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  • Glenna,

    A lot here will depend on how the operation is handled and whether you are breeding your own flies, or simply attracting flies from other areas.  Also, whether your mosquitoes are breeding in an area of water you can control, or breeding elsewhere.  Any number of control methods may be appropriate.  Fly Predators do a great job around kennels that are breeding their own flies, traps do better if you are attracting someone elses flies.  Mosquito Torpedoes work great to reduce mosquito breeding in a known location, but would not help if the mosquitoes are breeding somewhere else.  I would recommend you give us a call at 866-404-3895 and speak with one of our fly control experts.  We can go over your particular situation and let you know which options would be best.

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