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mosquitos and swampy area

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Hi good evening,

we have a swampy area on our property and the mosquitos are very bad,  especially for the horses - do you thinkt the mosquito torpedos would help at all, or even make a dent?

Thank you for your help,

Jenny Stump

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  • Jenny,

    I apologize for my slow response.  The mosquito torpedos are designed more for small areas of water such as stock tanks and decorative fish ponds.  If the area you are talking about is not too large and or has shallow water free standing water rather than just mucky ground, they would probably help as long as there are not larger swampy areas near by.

    Thank you,


  • Appreciate the question as I'd never heard of a mosquito torpedo, I'll check more into it.

    Matt | Solar Panel Installer Scottsdale