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Are the Mosquito Bombs safe for Frog Eggs?

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  • Kathy,

    I believe Mosquito Torpedoes are safe for frogs.  On the MSDS sheet they only list rainbow trout, bluegill, and daphnia as specifically being tested for, all of which did not show effects until levels were much higher than normal application amounts.  I was able to find another summary in a journal article testing a variety of methoprene and s-methoprene products that said...'More recentyly, Sullivan (1998) presented data from more than 17 methoprene/amphibian studies, which included six species of rogs, from egg to larva to tadpole to adult.  There was no evidence of frog deformities, even where methoprene was used at 500 times the field application rate.'  If you would like further information, you may want to contact StarBar, who is the manufacturer of the Mosquito Torpedoes.

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