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Can this fly spray be used on dogs? We camp in the Adirondacks in NY and the biting flies are vicious. We make various fly repellant concoctions with many different essential oils in them and they do help but I would love to have something pre-made. I fully realize that you most likely have not done testing on dogs but I would appreciate an opinion and I will not hold you to your answer. I figured if it doesn't have permethrin in the mixture and I can dilute it that I am willing to give it a try. I am a small animal veterinarian (35 years) and have tried lots of home made fly repellants and I always start with a low dose and work my way up (and I bring dog shampoo in case the dogs don't like it plus benadryl and whatever "emergency" drugs like prednisone, etc. just in case.) You can email me privately in case you don't want to offer an opinion to everyone in this particular case. Thank you so much!

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