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From what I understand, gnats breed in the same wet areas that mosquitoes do.  This year I treated our ponds/swamp for mosquitoes and the numbers have drastically decreased, but it seems that the gnats are even more horrendous this year than any.  Are there any preventatives or traps for them on the market?  I haven't been able to find anything myself, but I haven't looked that hard yet.  Thanks!

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  • Rachel,

    If you are getting bit, then most likely you are dealing with biting midges or buffalo gnats, these guys breed in the mud around pond edges and mucky ground.  Mosquitoes on the other hand breed in the standing water in the same areas, so treatments for mosquitoes are usually effective because the active ingredient can diffuse thoroughly throughout the water and affect all of the mosquito larvae.  Gnats and midges on the other hand are deep down in the mud and most larvacidal treatments are unable to reach a significant portion of the population to give you control.  I am not aware of any commonly used traps for these guys, though there may be some out there...most folks usually just have to wait out the worst of the season unfortunately.

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  • I also haven't found a good option for gnats, suggest waiting it out as the user below suggested.

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