Odor removal for large pee spots in horse runs

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Odor removal for large pee spots in horse runs

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My 2 mares pee right outside of their stalls and the ground is saturated and smells horrible.  I'm not sure if your product can handle that.  I really don't want to have to apply daily.  It seems like Bye Bye Odor is more for individual pee spots in stalls.  Do you have any recommendations?

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  • Bye Bye Odor can still work for your situation, but avoid freezing temperatures.  Bye Bye Odor has a much higher concentration of microbes than what is found in other pet odor products, therefore formulated for your horses urine.  It is best to use the 4oz BBO concentrate & mix with 2.5 gallons of water in a clean 2.5 to 3 gallon garden sprayer.  You will need to spray the BBO on affected areas consecutively for 3 days, but can continue the process less frequently after the odor has diminished, but continue application for maintaining an odor free zone.

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