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Pig pen / Mud hole

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We have 4-H show and butcher pigs all summer. The show pigs go to fair at the end of August and first of September. I have made my first order of the fly predictor and excited to get them home and let them start working.

My question is regarding the pig pens, we keep a mud hole for them all summer long due to the heat. Is it safe for the pigs to use the bye bye order in the pens and/or in the mud hole while the pigs are still using the pens/mud hole ? If not what is the withdrawal  period before it is safe for them to return to the pen ?

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  • Robin,

    Bye bye odor is safe to use right away.  It is non-toxic, so animals can be on sprayed surfaces right away.

    If you have any other questions, please let us know.

    Thank you,