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Safe on wood floors?

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My barn is very old and has wood floors, will this product damage the floor? If not please give the reason why it won't so I can explain it to the barn owner. He is worried about the floor and I'm worried about my horse!



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  • Lisa,

    There is no reason the product would damage wood floors, though for any product, I recommend a test spot in a small area first.  Bye Bye Odor is water, fragrance, and microbes.  Typically we recommend spraying it on areas causing odor, so if there is urine, feces, sweat, dirt, etc on the floor, there would definitely be no damage to the floors as they floors have come into much more corrosive materials.  If it's a wood area that is clean, there would not be a need to spray Bye Bye Odor in those areas anyway.  Personally I've used Bye Bye Odor on my carpets, couches, stall matts, wash rack mats, concrete, horse trailer, and dog beds.

    If you have any other questions, please let me know.

    Thank you,