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We need our order shipped sooner then the 6th we have flies NOW

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  • Hello Cassandra,

    You placed your order on Friday, May 4th and we ship 2 days after the order is placed.   May 6th falls on Sunday so your shipment will go out Monday the 7th, and you should have it by Wednesday or Thursday.

    You may want to pick up some fly traps to catch the adult flies you are experiencing now.  The Fly Predators only kill the developing fly in the cocoon stage and do nothing for the adult flies.  The more adults you catch with traps will aid Fly Predators to do there job because there will be fewer adults to lay eggs.

    We have a video on the website "How to Use Fly Predators", that is very informative about where flies

    reproduce and where and how many to apply.

    Please call 1.888.880.1579 and speak to an agent if we can be of further assistance.


    Sonny G