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I have 4 dogs and they have a pen they use to potty in , I clean this up everyday but im using kennel sol to spray it everyday as well .. what im wondering is if I order your product does

it kill the odor of poo and pee and for how long.. do I use it like im using the kennel sol or ???

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  • Hello Karen,

    Bye bye Odor is a microbial solution when mixed with water eliminates the urine and manure smells of all animals.  The 4 ounce concentrate bottle will make 2-1/2 gallon or 2 cap fulls will make up a quart spray bottle.  You lightly mist the favorite spots in the pen daily.  It is safe for use in the house as well for pet accident and refreshing dog beds between washings.

    Please contact us at info@spalding-labs.com or call  1.888.880.1579 for further assistance.


    Sonny G

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