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Bye-Bye Odor for Cats

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I have been using your normal Bye Bye order for years.  I normally order it from Amazon, but they are out of stock. On your site, you have a new (to me) product specifically for cats. Is this product better for cat urine than the regular Bye-Bye odor? Has this been tested for exotic felines?  I have Servals that spray - their urine is more pungent and oilier than normal cat urine. Will this product work for Serval urine?

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  • Hello Keith,

    The product is the same strength as the original Bye Bye Odor it is just labeled for cats to appeal to cat owners.

    We have zoos that  are using Bye Bye Odor throughout their facilities. These microbes  are not harmful to the animals but eliminate the smell  of the urine by breaking it down.  It should work fine for treating Serval urine.

    Please call 1.888.880.1579 if you have questions or concerns.

    Thank you,

    Spalding Labs