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Bye Bye Odor ingestion...???

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Bye Bye Odor is a safe and natural solution especially formulated to substantially reduce or eliminate a wide range of odors associated with animal urine and manure. Bye Bye Odor microbes, when wet, consume and breakdown the urea that causes odor.
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Bye Bye Odor ingestion...???

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Could Bye Bye Odor cause my dog to get sick if he ate weeds that had been sprayed with it?

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  • Barbara,

    It's very unlikely that he would get sick on so little.  Even if he were to consume a bottle of the concentrate they should only experience some gas and possibly some diarrhea.  If you have concerns, you can always take the bottle into the vet if you're taking him into a visit.  I would also take samples of the weeds he was eating, as some weeds are toxic.  If you have any other questions, please let us know.

    Thank you,