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Odor spray “edible” for mini pigs?

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I have mini pigs, and I’m thinking they may try to “eat” or “lick” the odor control spray. Is it safe for their consumption?

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  • Kelly,

    You only use a light mist of the Bye Bye Odor, rather than saturating an area.  It does contain some fragrance, but nothing else that should be harmful.  I regularly use the spray on the feed buckets for my older horses that slobber a lot.  After I rinse out the buckets, I mist them in Bye Bye Odor and then let them dry.  I have not run into any problems using it in that manor.  I also use it on our dog beds and carpets, where the dogs definitely sometimes lick.  There are no ingredients that are toxic, unless an animal was allergic to a specific ingredient.

    Thank you,