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Shipping and Returns

  • Spalding Labs only ships to addresses in the continental United States and Alaska. Orders are shipped Monday thru Friday with first shipment for Fly Predators normally 2 weekdays after order date. Products without Fly Predators are typically shipped on the next business day from the order date.
  • Fly Predator prices are based on the quantity per shipment and not on the total quantity ordered for the season. Sold in multiples of 5,000 with 5,000 the minimum shipment.
  • All Fly Predator orders are shipped postpaid via First Class Mail, Priority Mail (or UPS upon request) with live delivery guaranteed. You may order for the entire fly season or one shipment at a time. We charge credit cards 7 days prior to each shipment or we can charge for the entire season at the first shipment. If you prepay for the season, you may cancel at any time and receive a full refund for all unshipped orders.
  • When placing an online order, the shipping charges will be automatically calculated and the lowest cost shipping option set as the default. The other choices available, either UPS ground or faster UPS service are also shown.
  • Prices subject to change without notice.
  • Fly Predators will normally start emerging within 2-7 days after arrival, but it’s OK if they’re emerging on delivery. When it’s cool, keeping them in a warmer area (80-85ºF) will speed up their emergence. When it’s hot, keep them under 100ºF and out of direct sunlight while in the bag. Call if none have emerged on the 7th day after delivery in summer (14th day when its 72ºF or less). We guarantee live delivery and will replace at no cost if necessary.
  • For product other than Fly Predators we will replace if damaged or defective upon arrival. For fly control products including Fly Predators, fly traps and fly spray we cannot guarantee performance as your situation may have fly pressure beyond the norm and these flies may be coming from off your property which Fly Predators will not control. We offer extensive application information, tips and good manure management suggestion in each product category on this website. We also offer free consultation with our experienced fly control phone representatives. We are not Pest Control advisers licensed to apply or recommend restricted pesticides. Our recommendations are only for biological control using Fly Predators and best practices for reducing the fly breeding areas on your property.
  • As an introductory offer for Bye Bye Odor for Cats only, we offer a 60 day money back guarantee. If you are not absolutely thrilled with Bye Bye Odor for Cats, please call us to let us know and then empty out and return both the spray bottle and the 4oz concentrate bottle postpaid to PO Box 778,000 Henderson, NV 89077. Within 5 days of receipt we will issue a credit to your credit card for the full purchase amount. Credits can take up to 3 days to show up on your account.