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  • StarBar Bite Free Stable Fly Trap CASE of 6

StarBar Bite Free Stable Fly Trap CASE of 6

SKU: Trap Bite Free Stable Fly Trap Case



  • The Bite Free Stable Fly Trap is a trap that almost every horse owner should have, but most don’t.

  • This trap modifies light coming through the special translucent material and causes a Stable Fly to see a "shimmering" image like a mirage on a hot day. That combined with a black top and bottom fools the Stable Fly into thinking it's a warm animal and that means there's blood there. Place this trap in the sunlight so light will shine through it. Biting Stable Flies bite animals on the legs and flanks so place it at about the same height between 2 and 3 feet off the ground, no higher than 4 feet.

  • Place them outside of the breezeway doors, in pastures, corrals, typically on the outside of the fence so your animals don't mess with it. We suggest putting them on 30"-36" length of rebar or up to 1-1/4" wood post set in the ground. They can also be hung from their loop at the top. This trap uses the same glue as the EZ Trap so it won’t dry out or melt and it can be washed off and reused. It will hold 8,000 flies but you should rinse it off before it gets that full, as it can get dusty as that reduces the stickiness. This is a "must have" trap and most stores don't even carry it. If your store or mail order provider offers Fly Predators they likely carry this and the other recommended traps. They are a good place to get these traps.


If you have lots of small birds we have had a very small number of customers report they found a small bird stuck to this trap. This is a fraction of a percent of the thousands of these traps we've sold, but please be aware that that this is possible. When we first reported this to the StarBar folks they were surprised as well and had not had any prior reports of this. The glue is sticky, but not that sticky and most birds should be able to get away if they happen to touch it. We love birds too, but on balance, the relief this trap can provide your horse is a far greater good.