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Our Products

Fly Predators

The most effective, eco-friendly, and economical fly control around. Fly Predators drastically minimize your fly problem and save you, your family, and your animals from battling them all season long.

Fly Repellant

Get the essential oils you love, plus the fly protection you need with Bye Bye Insects™, our botanical fly spray. With active ingredients including Geraniol, Rosemary, Citronella, Peppermint, and Lemongrass, effective fly protection has never smelled better!

Odor Control

Eliminate odors and ammonia vapors caused by urine and manure with Bye Bye Odor®, a safe microbial solution. Unlike other products that simply cover up or soak up stinky smells, the Bye Bye Odor® microbes, when wet, consume and break down the organics that cause uncomfortable smells and dangerous ammonia vapor.

Fly Traps

Fly Traps can complement Fly Predators® as they’ll target the adult flies coming in from neighbors, and the few flies your Fly Predators® might not have stopped in time.