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  • StarBar Milk Jugg Trap Kit CASE of 48

StarBar Milk Jugg Trap Kit CASE of 48

SKU: Trap Milk Jugg Case



  • The Milk Jugg Trap has the lowest cost and is the most ecological because you’re using something you’d be throwing away otherwise – your empty quart or gallon plastic milk jug. You can reuse the trap heads for many years and a new load of attractant is only $1.12 for a half gallon jug.
  • Keep the milk jug top and when this trap is full, cap it off and put it in the trash and it won't spill. (If you want to be super duper ecological, dump the flies on the soil – they make great fertilizer.) If it starts to dry out before it’s full of flies, it's easy to add more water. Also at the end of the season you are only storing the trap head which fits in a zip lock bag. This way you’re not storing a whole smelly trap in your barn or garage over the winter.
  • The cons are simply it's not quite as effective per trap as the Terminator Pro because the top is not as baffled as well as the Terminator Pro or Giant Fly Relief Bag (so some flies will figure it out and escape) and the walls of milk jugs are not completely clear. However it is still more than twice as effective as the Rescue® brand bag traps. You can improve its performance by painting the top of the milk jug black, which the USDA study showed made a big difference.
  • Keep in mind the cost of 4 Milk Juggs is the same as 1 Terminator Pro. With 4 Milk Juggs you'll have slightly more total trapping power and you can put them in three more places. Considering everything, we think most customers with only low to moderate fly pressure are better off having more traps in different locations, so we'd choose the Milk Jugg trap. It's also much less messy to dump and reload. However if you have heavy fly pressure or you don't want any flies escaping, get multiples of the Terminator Pro.

*Helpful Tips: *
Get several packs of Starbar Attractant Pods so they're always handy. They're easy to use, water soluble, insecticide free, and will store for a minimum of two years. Just add 1 pod per quart of clean water in your favorite reusable odor trap and put it as far away from your buildings as possible.

  • Use 2 Attractant Pods per Terminator Pro and 1 Gallon Milk Jugg Traps
    For gallon sized reusable fly traps, put two water soluble attractant pods into the trap, add one-half gallon of clean water and mix thoroughly to activate the attractant.

  • Use 1 Attractant Pod per 1/2 Gallon Milk Jugg Traps
    For one-half gallon sized reusable fly traps, put one water soluble attractant pod into the trap, add one quart of clean water and mix thoroughly to activate the attractant.