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StarBar Terminator Pro Trap Single

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  • The Terminator Pro is the highest performance House Fly Trap available and provides the lowest long term cost as long as you don’t mind dumping out the trap and adding new attractant.
  • The Terminator Pro's baffled black top, which flies avoid once they get in the trap, means they stay in the trap. This trap can be set on the ground or hung. If the water is getting low, but the trap is more than 1/3 full of flies, refill with additional water.
  • When full, we'd recommend digging a shallow hole to put most, but not all, the caught fly mess in and then covering it up. It makes good fertilizer. Don't dump this in a trashcan, it will stink forever. Don't wash the clear container because you want that dead fly smell for the next batch which is why you leave some of the last catch in it. Put in a tube of attractant, refill to the water line and set the trap back out. Remember since this is an Odor Trap place it away from the house and the barn. Two free disposable gloves are included with every trap.

*Helpful Tip*

Get several packs of Starbar Attractant Pods so they're always handy. They're easy to use, water soluble, insecticide free, and will store for a minimum of two years. Just add 1 pod per quart of clean water in your favorite reusable odor trap and put it as far away from your buildings as possible.

  • Use 2 Attractant Pods per Terminator Pro and 1 Gallon Milk Jugg Traps.

For gallon sized reusable fly traps, put two water soluble attractant pods into the trap, add one-half gallon of clean water, and mix thoroughly to activate the attractant.

  • Use 1 Attractant Pod per 1/2 Gallon Milk Jugg Traps.

For one-half gallon sized reusable fly traps, put one water soluble attractant pod into the trap, add one quart of clean water, and mix thoroughly to activate the attractant.